- TRIUMF Tour & Shuttle -

TRIUMF Tour or Shuttle bus to Vancouver

Saturday, August 24 — 9:00 a.m.


The TRIUMF Tour and the shuttle to Vancouver are not included in the registration fee.


TRIUMF Tour: $50.00 CAD
(limited to 100 attendees)
Fee includes transportation from Whistler to TRIUMF.


Shuttle from Whistler to downtown Vancouver: $50.00 CAD
Fee includes transportation from Whistler to downtown Vancouver, no service to Airport.


  • The TRIUMF Tour and the shuttle to Vancouver are not included in the registration fee.
  • Please choose either Tour or Shuttle.
  • All attendees including any Companions accompanying you will need to select this option in the registration site.
  • The buses will leave at 09:00 a.m. Saturday, August 24 from a locaton near the Whistler Conference Centre.
  • There will be stops in Downtown Vancouver that are central to transportation and downtown hotels.
  • The bus will NOT go to Vancouver International Airport (YVR).
  • Transport to downtown after completion of the TRIUMF tour to be determined.

Attendees are requested to check in at the TRIUMF Tour/Shuttle desk located near registration by Tuesday, August 20 to confirm any updates, or details of this registration option.


TRIUMF is home to the world’s largest cyclotron particle accelerator and a system of high-energy rare isotope beams that enable a diversity of efforts in nuclear and particle physics, accelerator sciences, life sciences research and more! Tour participants get first-hand experience with many of TRIUMF’s experiments and facilities as we follow the path of the proton from its origin bound in a hydrogen atom to its destination in targets and detectors.


The tour will last 60 minutes, with time for Q&A and photography throughout.

  • Registration for the TRIUMF Tour will be on a first-come, first-served basis based on availability.
  • This is an option item available when registering.
  • Please acquaint yourself with TRIUMF's tour information found HERE  
  • All TRIUMF tour registrants are responsible for getting themselves to the aiport or downtown after the tour.
  • When you arrive at TRIUMF, a room will be available for secure storage of any luggage or personal items while you take the tour. 
  • TRIUMF Tour attendees are responsible for any accommodation required in Vancouver after the tour. Accommodation options can be found HERE. 

  • 2nd reminder: The bus is not going back to Whistler after the tour.


Note: If there is insufficient interest in the tour or the shuttle these may be cancelled. Decision will be made on July 18, 2024. Attendees registered for the tour or the shuttle will be notified in the event of cancellation, and refunded.

Whistler to TRIUMF:
Travel time: Approximately 2 hours
(Whistler to Vancouver is about 1h30)
Travel Distance: 121 km


Please be sure to allow enough time in your travel day if your flight is on Saturdary for:

  • the travel distance, (Whistler to TRIUMF)
  • any stops along the way
  • the length of the tour
  • travel from TRIUMF to YVR (you are responsible for getting to the airport) after tour completion.

4004 Wesbrook Mall,
Vancouver, B.C

T: 604-222-1047


Situated on the South Campus of UBC, TRIUMF's nearly 13-acre site houses almost 600 scientists, engineers, and staff performing research. A hub for discovery and innovation, the laboratory attracts almost 900 national and international users every year and provides advanced research facilities and opportunities to 150 students and postdoctoral fellows. In addition to the onsite program, TRIUMF serves as a key broker for Canada in global research in particle, nuclear, and accelerator physics.



Please familiarize yourself with the information found at our Tour site:  

Information for TRIUMF site visit